In the smartwatch world, there are designers and then there’s Peter Antonio. With gleaming colors,  crisp detail, lush textures, few can hold a candle to the genus he exhibits and his technical mastery. When Peter first heard about the launch of the first Smartwatch back in 2013, he was extremely excited about the concept and its technological possibilities. Later on, he was given a Smartwatch and soon after started designing basic faces for personal use, never thinking he would ever become so involved in such a new and innovative branch of technology. In March 2015 he decided to share a few of his original Smartwatch designs on Google Plus Communities.  The response was overwhelming, with numerous feedback and comments, receiving over 1.6 million views in just two months and thousands of his designs downloaded.  Realizing the demand on his talents, he started his own website, with the idea to create a hub where users would be able to acquire his original Smartwatch designs, without the hassle of looking through hundreds of low grade faces.

You would be well advised to visit his site,, we think you’ll agree with our assessment!

All watches below require the Watchmaker Premium App) 

Kickatech Eco Blue


This is the long awaited Kickatech Eco Blue smartwatch face and i can tell you it’s worth the wait. I created the Kickatech Eco for all occasions, from everyday use to intense sports and for the traveler; I’ve also added a basic mode with the crucial information enlarged. The Kickatech has a tap mode option that changes the face from one choice to another and there’s 4 fantastic choices, (TZN) Time Zone, (SPT) Sports, (ALD) All day and BSC Basic. The Kickatech looks amazingly realistic with outstanding depth perception and ultra sharp graphic to give that all important realistic premium look. Much thought has gone into the special compact design that neatly combines an array of functions (too many to list) and modes. The Kickatech face I’m sure will be a very popular download that will look fantastic on any wearable smartwatch.


This is the superb Addiction Xes smartwatch face, and what a beauty this face is, named the addiction simply because you just can’t stop looking at it, it’s a classy face without doubt, and the realism and ultra sharp graphics are sublime. Tap to park clear hands at 3 o’clock to use the stopwatch without interference from the minute, hour or second hands, the subtle shadowing gives the Addiction the ultimate effect of depth perception. Tap at 10 o’clock to change the color scheme from a hardcore gun metal look, to a sharp yellow standout face, either color combination just looks beautiful, a perfect face for any smartwatch wearable lover.



The Mother of Pearl has a simple classic design that would look fantastic on any smartwatch. Full of beauty and a beautiful realistic pearl background, that gives this face that wow factor.






The beautiful and ultra realistic Verdict innocent #smartwatch face is certainly a stunner, and its full of some great functions to. Amazing depth perception, beautiful styling blended together with a great combination of colour gives this face that Wow factor, the Verdict Innocent is definitely a special face, unique and original in every way, I’m sure the Verdict innocent the brother of the Verdict Guilty #smartwatch face will be a popular face amongst #wearable #smartwatch users.




A fantastic design that looks pretty cool and ultra sharp on your #smartwatch, great depth and realism that’s second to none.

The Original Standard #wearable #face has a tap screen to control the analogue stopwatch sub-dial with a funky electric blue outer for seconds and an inner vibrant yellow for the minutes.

A lovely classy watch face for everyday use.

Make sure to see all of Peter's watch faces at his website and prepare to be amazed.....