Peter's work is just indescribable. Wild colors, sleek lines, bold shapes all with very high tech overtones. His evolution from simple watch designer to maybe THE cutting edge designer is remarkable.  His body of work is staggering. He's also just a friendly guy who's just having fun with it all. So we got with Peter and asked a few questions.....

Q: Why do u wear a Smartwatch? Fashion, function or both?

A:  I wear a smartwatch because they are so versatile and it can be so many things on a given day with a given watch.


Q: How long have u been actively making them?

A: Since about January 2015


Q: What software are you using to make them , feel free to list all.

A: I mostly use Watchmaker Premium, Inkscape and Paint Shop Pro


Q: What Watch face are you most proud of that you made?

A: I would have to say Kickatech is at or near the top of the list but you know in this smart watch world, if someone wears the same watch for whole day I'd be amazed (laughs)


Q: What is your favorite watch face by someone else?

A: Hard to pick just one face but I especially admire the work of Ram Mor. His designs are so diverse, he has quite a collection of original work that has always caught my attention.... so he’s probably my favorite..


Q:  What is your favorite brand Smartwatch and why?

A: My favorite smartwatch has to be my first smartwatch and that's the Moto 360 followed by my Huawei and then the Samsung Gear 3


Q: What does the perfect Watch face have in it?

A:  The perfect smartwatch should look realistic .... that’s number one on my list ..everything else after.... telling the time day, date is a bonus….but it's got to look good


Q: What type of work do you do besides watchmaking and does your experience help in watchmaking?

A: I've been a musician most of my life and toured in a reggae band for 6 years in Europe...I have several inventions, some successful some not. I have always been creative in my work writing new songs or creating new products, so yes, I believe my past work has helped me to create smartwatches.


Q: What do you think the future of Smartwatches will be?

A: The future of smartwatches has to be its versatility...smartwatches will never take the place of conventional watches (maybe), however will become an everyday device for almost everybody, as the smartwatch technology progresses with higher resolution screens, better battery life, it will most likely develop into a standalone tech with all smartwatches using the same operating system. This is happening now and will probably be as popular as the mobile phone but we’ll see…..

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