Announcing the New Artist Collective Page - Featuring Felix Ng


We are adding our first artist, Felix Ng. His style is classic & modern at the same time. Bold lines and powerful color schemes. Technical yet beautiful. Overall an excellent watch designer.

We asked Felix a few questions about what makes him tick (sorry couldn't resist the pun).......


Q: Why do you wear a Smartwatch?  Fashion, function or both? 
A: I wanted to use smart watches because I need a dual time watch, but it was too expensive for me at the time.  I finally exchanged my JUNKER Automatic Klassik and also saved some money to buy a used MOTO360. I didn’t realize how limited the face selection was on Google Play Store once I bought the Smartwatch. Later, I discovered the WatchMaker Premium app, so I bought it and start creating my own dual time watch faces.

Q; How long have u been actively making them? 
A: 2-3 Years

Q; What type of work do you do besides watchmaking and does your experience help in watchmaking?
A: Signmaking and definitely!

Q: What software are you using to make watch faces?
A: WatchMaker app, Signmaking Software, Adobe Illustrator

Q: What Watchface are you most proud of that you made? 
A: Mechatronic III

Q: What's your favorite watch face by someone else? 
A: ‘Baby Genta’ Mickey Mouse Watchface by Ajoy Das

Q: What is your favorite brand Smartwatch and why? 
A: Still searching!

Q: What does the perfect Watchface have in it? 
A: A breakthrough, unique design that is totally new and can be manufactured into a nice mechanical watch. Therefore, I love my own slogan "The Beauty of Mechanical Movement in the Digital World?"


We'll do a more in-depth interview with Felix later. For now take a look at his excellent work. Hit the link below for his featured artist page.

The link for Felix's page is

Stay tuned, we have 4 other artists soon to be featured.......