Stormy Knight

Stormy Knight

Ram Mor...what can we say other than he's the Godfather of Android watch makers. Like a master artist, master technician and math master all wrapped into one, he knows every trick in the book and has proven it time after time. If it's been done, he probably did it first. So we we're honored to have him aboard and asked him a few questions....


Q: Why do u wear a Smartwatch? Fashion, function or both?

A: Both really. So much information is available at a glance, and I can change the face after being bored for few hours (or a few minutes haha). Sometimes I use Tasker to do it for me


Q: How long have u been actively making them?

A: Since the end of 2014. I started by restoring old family heirloom watches. I think that’s when the fun really started for me.


Q: What software are you using to make them, feel free to list all.

A: Watchmaker Premium of course, Inkscape and Photoshop.


Q: What Watch face are you most proud of that you made?

A: It’s always the last watch I made. The others are well forgotten and thrown away....

One of my watches that I repeatedly go back to though, is the “Gate Keeper Knight”


Q: What is your favorite watch face by someone else?

A: It’s so hard to pick a favorite watch, as the watches I have can fit so many different needs or functions. So I guess it's more of my favorite artists. Peter Antonio of MyWatch.London is the most brilliant and amazing artist out there, in my opinion, but lately we are seeing a lot of astonishing creations by Johnny D (unsolicited!) and the famous Dark Hero Watches by Felix NG.  

Q:  What is your favorite brand Smartwatch and why?

A: Samsung Gear 3 is the newest and most user-friendly, the fact that Tizen OS was adapted to WM app with an add-on, has really made this watch my new go-to. The Lume selecting options available in the Watchmaker Premium Android watch versions don’t always function well on the Samsung Gear Watch. Hopefully future updates will fix that…..Other than that it’s a great watch.


Q: What does the perfect Watch face have in it?

A:  The perfect watch face should be first of all readable, then be beautiful, and provide the immediate information I want. That’s why I love doing this: Art and technology combined

Q: What type of work do you do besides watchmaking and does your experience help in watchmaking?

A: I am a Physician, and I work in a large hospital in my country. In my youth, I used to paint pictures (oil) but was not convinced that this was to be my profession. Later on, computers caught my fancy, and I learned programming, For several years I was head of the Medical Division at a software company. These days I am devoted totally to medicine. Well not totally…I still make a watch here and there


Q: What do you think the future of Smartwatches will be?

A: I think that they will be around as a fashion statement of sorts, elegant like jewelry combined with smart technology, of course it may stay as a gadget for nerd’s (laughs)


Please visit Ram's artist page at He's done a lot for the watchmaking community and deserves our praise.